Operation extract-streams

The extract-stream operation allows for the extraction of individual streams from a multimedia file, such as an MP4 file, for further processing or use.

It can handle a range of different file formats, making it a versatile tool for working with multimedia content.
By default, this operation extracts all streams contained within the input file, including audio, video, and subtitle streams.

Available Options

Option Name Type Possible Values Description
stream string all, audio, video, subtitle This can be useful for isolating and processing individual streams within a multimedia file.
allow_multiple_outputs boolean true, false If the comparison produces more than one output file, by default all of them are compressed in just one file. Set this option to true if you want a download link for each file.


  "conversion": [{
    "category": "operation",
    "target": "extract-streams",
    "options": {
      "stream": "subtitle"

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