SDKs and Postman collections

Get to know our API with Postman

We are making heavy use of an application called Postman to test and execute API calls manually. You can download it here. Of course there is no need to use Postman when accessing our API. It is just a convenient tool for testing and debugging API calls.

We also provide a collection and an environment that can be used within Postman so you can quick start testing our API.

You can find a tutorial on how to use Postman at our blog

Official SDks

In the following list you will find all the SDKs we created in different languages to provide an easier access to our API.

We would really appreciate your help with enhancing the SDKs for lesser known languages or for those that we are missing.

Pull requests and new feature requests are very welcome.

Of course you can use our API directly without the use of any SDK.

Language we support Version control Package Repository
PHP SDK Github Packagist
Java SDK Github / JAR Maven Central Repository
Android SDK Github N/A
Perl SDK Github N/A

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