Welcome to the online-convert API documentation.

We have developed a public REST API to allow developers easy and direct access to all our conversion functionalities available at

Please feel free to contact us with any kind of comments you may have, feature requests, questions or when help is needed. We are constantly improving our services.

The API can be accessed using SSL by the following endpoint:


This is the API schema URL

The schema follows the Swagger 2.0 specification and defines the API. The whole documentation will follow the definitions given in this schema.

The API uses a REST architecture for interaction. That means that every single URI represents a different object in the API and the actions requested through the HTTP methods.

The current methods allowed to interact with the API are:

  • GET: Gathers information of the object. It will not, by any means, modify data on the server.
  • POST: Creates new elements in the API. Used to create the different objects in the API.
  • PATCH: Modifies an existing element in the API.
  • DELETE: Removes existing elements via API.

The result of the converted files is in most cases exactly what you see and can test on our website. In rare circumstances there can be differences between the API and the website. This is because of licensing issues by third parties. This could include conversions from or to Microsoft Office formats.

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