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Convert anything to 3GP

The API for converting any file to 3GP.
On the left you can see all available conversion options that you use as options section of the JSON.


Type: boolean
Default: False
If the conversion produces more than one output file, by default all of them are compressed in just one file. Set this option to true if you want a download link for each file.
Type: string
Pattern: ^\d{1,6}:\d{1,6}$
Specify the aspect ratio of the video e.g. 16:9.
Type: string
Enum: amr-nb aac
Sets the audio codec
Type: integer
Enum: 8000 11025 16000 22050 24000 32000 44100 48000 96000
Audio frequency in Hz.
Type: string
Enum: stereo mono
Audio channels.
Type: string
Enum: h.263 h.264 mpeg4
Sets the video codec
Type: integer
Minimum: False
Maximum: 51
The Constant Rate Factor (CRF) allows the encoder to attempt to achieve a certain output quality for the whole file when output file size is of less importance. Lower values result in better quality at the expense of a higher file size. This option will be ignored if video_bitrate is set.
Type: number
Minimum: 0.02867
Maximum: 1800
Defines the duration in seconds of a still frame. E.g. when converting from images or documents.
Type: boolean
Default: False
Deinterlace the video
Type: string
Pattern: ^[ -~]{0,1000}$
Example: secret_password
A password to protect the download. To download the file send the password in the x-oc-download-password header or set a cookie named x-oc-download-password. The value contains a comma separated list of passwords.
Type: string
Pattern: ^\d\d:\d\d:\d\d$
Sets the end point of the part of the video you want to keep. The format is HH:MM:SS. HH = hour, MM = minutes, SS = seconds. Example 00:05:35
Type: string
Enum: sqcif qcif cif 4cif 16cif
Type: number
Minimum: True
Maximum: 120
Specifies the video frames per second
Type: boolean
Allows to merge the input files to a single video
Type: string
Enum: none horizontal vertical
Mirror/flip your video
Type: boolean
Default: False
Normalize the audio volume.
Type: string
Pattern: ^[\w\W]{0,255}$
Example: my_base_filename_without_extension
The desired file name of the converted file WITHOUT the file extension.
Type: array
Additionalproperties: False
Input_id: string ^[0-9a-f]{8}-[0-9a-f]{4}-[0-9a-f]{4}-[0-9a-f]{4}-[0-9a-f]{12}$ 1 Define the input_id of the file you want to specify as an overlay. Valid files are videos and images
Position_x: integer -100000 100000 The position of the overlay on the x-axis
Position_y: integer -100000 100000 The position of the overlay on the y-axis
Origin: string Top-left: Top-right: Bottom-left: Bottom-right: Center: Specify the origin for the positioning of the overlay. Default is top-left
Width: integer 0 100000 The width of the overlay
Height: integer 0 100000 The height of the overlay
Opacity: string ^[0,1]$|^0\.\d{1,2}$ Define the opacity of the overlay where 0 is invisible and 1 is full opacity
Type: string
Pattern: ^[\w\W]{1,255}$
Predefined options
Type: boolean
Default: False
Disable the audio track
Type: string
Pattern: ^\d\d:\d\d:\d\d$
Sets the start point of the part of the video you want to keep. The format is HH:MM:SS. HH = hour, MM = minutes, SS = seconds. Example 00:02:23
Type: integer
Minimum: True
Maximum: 100000
Specifies the bitrate in kbps

Example Request

POST /v2/jobs HTTP/1.1
X-Oc-Api-Key: <your API key here>
Content-Type: application/json
    "input": [{
        "type": "remote",
        "source": ""
    "conversion": [{
        "category": "video",
        "target": "3gp",
        "options": {
            <conversion options here>