We are committed to sustainability and social responsibility

Our ambition is to make the world a better place

We are passionate about doing business in a socially responsible way and care about people, their environment and our corporate social responsibility.


Renewable energy

We choose to be powered by renewable energy wherever it is possible. Our data centers and the office mostly get their energy from renewable energy sources such as wind, hydro power and solar power.

Green products

We focus on the development of web based projects that help protect the environment. For example, by using less paper, you can reduce the impact on forests, cut energy use and climate change emissions, limit water, air pollution and produce less waste. Therefore, if you use one of our programs, all of your tasks will be 100% paperless.

Home office

All of our employees have the option to work 100% from home, forever. This avoids the need to drive daily to the company saving quite some energy.

Video conferencing

We focus on getting everything done with our suppliers via video conference instead of meeting them personally. Visiting our suppliers virtually helps saving energy and the need to drive.



Our founder and employees take turns in nominating charities, non-profits or open source projects they wish to donate to. Each dollar an employee donates, the company doubles it. We are proud to support several organizations since starting this initiative and look forward to continuing this amazing journey.

2021: Donation to a child relief hospital: https://www.tannheim.de/spenden/spendenspiegel (Image)

2022: Donation to a help center for kids living with addicted family members: https://www.bw-lv.de/beratungsstellen/fachstelle-sucht-singen/ (Video)


If you think your cause would be a fit, please apply using our support page and we will take a donation into consideration. We mostly focus on child and educational programs.

Social responsibility

Educational program

A good education is one of the most important things. In an effort to support this, we have created the API2Convert educational program which offers students and teachers to use our paid premium services for free worldwide. Please apply for your free educational account here.


We support networks and conferences financially and with our knowledge. Since years we have sponsored the local Barcamp (video) and are part of the Cyberlago network.

Freemium projects

Depending on the income and location, not everyone can spend their budget the way they want. No need to worry about this anymore, we offer most features for free. This way we take care of everybody. Find more information about our pricing here.

Trainees and interns

We have one of the best teams in the world, but we also regularly offer positions for interns or apprentices. We are proud to have about 15% of our team acquiring knowledge together with us.

Employees worldwide

We do not only hire talents from nearby. We have employees worldwide to increase diversity and try to build a job around every talent. You can check our open positions here.