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Convert anything using COMPARE-IMAGE

The API for converting any file using COMPARE-IMAGE.
On the left you can see all available conversion options that you use as options section of the JSON.


Type: boolean
Default: False
If the comparison produces more than one output file, by default all of them are compressed in just one file. Set this option to true if you want a download link for each file.
Type: string
Enum: red green blue yellow orange violet black white
The color to use to show the pixels that are different in the diff image
Type: string
Enum: ae mae ncc psnr rmse
The algorithm to use for image comparison
Type: number
Minimum: False
Maximum: 100
Sets the threshold in percentage over which color is to be considered different between the two images. A zero means that the pixels have to be identical to be considered equal.

Example Request

POST /v2/jobs HTTP/1.1
X-Oc-Api-Key: <your API key here>
Content-Type: application/json
    "input": [{
        "type": "remote",
        "source": ""
    "conversion": [{
        "category": "operation",
        "target": "compare-image",
        "options": {
            <conversion options here>