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Convert anything to ODT

The API for converting any file to ODT.

Here you can see all available conversion options which you can use within the "options" section of conversions (see the example JSON below the table).

Here you can see all available conversion options which you can use within the "options" section of conversions (see the example JSON on the right).

Option Name Description
Type: boolean
Default: False
If the conversion produces more than one output file, by default all of them are compressed in just one file. Set this option to true if you want a download link for each file.
Type: string
Pattern: ^[ -~]{0,1000}$
Example: secret_password
A password to protect the download. To download the file send the password in the x-oc-download-password header or set a cookie named x-oc-download-password. The value contains a comma separated list of passwords.
Type: string
Pattern: ^[a-zA-Z_,-]{3,128}$
Example: rus,eng,deu
Language for the source (using ISO 639-2/T standard). In case of multi language documents, a comma separated list of values without quotes or spaces can be used. Please note that both plain and script languages cannot be included at the same time. Supported values are: afr, amh, ara, asm, aze, aze_cyrl, bel, ben, bod, bos, bre, bul, cat, ceb, ces, chi_sim, chi_sim_vert, chi_tra, chi_tra_vert, chr, cos, cym, dan, deu, div, dzo, ell, eng, enm, epo, est, eus, fao, fas, fil, fin, fra, frk, frm, fry, gla, gle, glg, grc, guj, hat, heb, hin, hrv, hun, hye, iku, ind, isl, ita, ita_old, jav, jpn, jpn_vert, kan, kat, kat_old, kaz, khm, kir, kmr, kor, kor_vert, lao, lat, lav, lit, ltz, mal, mar, mkd, mlt, mon, mri, msa, mya, nep, nld, nor, oci, ori, pan, pol, por, pus, que, ron, rus, san, sin, slk, slv, snd, spa, spa_old, sqi, srp, srp_latn, sun, swa, swe, syr, tam, tat, tel, tgk, tha, tir, ton, tur, uig, ukr, urd, uzb, uzb_cyrl, vie, yid, yor, script-Arabic, script-Armenian, script-Bengali, script-Canadian_Aboriginal, script-Cherokee, script-Cyrillic, script-Devanagari, script-Ethiopic, script-Fraktur, script-Georgian, script-Greek, script-Gujarati, script-Gurmukhi, script-Hangul, script-Hangul_vert, script-HanS, script-HanS_vert, script-HanT, script-HanT_vert, script-Hebrew, script-Japanese, script-Japanese_vert, script-Kannada, script-Khmer, script-Lao, script-Latin, script-Malayalam, script-Myanmar, script-Oriya, script-Sinhala, script-Syriac, script-Tamil, script-Telugu, script-Thaana, script-Thai, script-Tibetan, script-Vietnamese
Type: string
Enum: ar-AR ca-ES zh-CN cs-CZ de-DE el-GR en-IN en-US es-ES fa-IR fr-FR hi-IN it-IT ja-JP kk-KZ nl-NL pl-PL pt-FB sv-SE ru-RU tl-PH tr-TR uk-UA vi-VN
Language of the audio source
Type: boolean
Optical character recognition
Type: string
Enum: gray
Apply a filter to the input file. It may improve text detection.
Object containing specific filter options.
Type: string
Pattern: ^[\w\W]{0,255}$
Example: my_base_filename_without_extension
The desired file name of the converted file WITHOUT the file extension.
Type: string
Pattern: ^[\w\W]{1,255}$
Predefined options

Output Example

POST /v2/jobs HTTP/1.1
X-Oc-Api-Key: <your API key here>
Content-Type: application/json
    "input": [{
        "type": "remote",
        "source": ""
    "conversion": [{
        "category": "document",
        "target": "odt",
        "options": {
            <conversion options here>